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  • Hedda Jarhall

West Palm Beach invests in Christmas activities throughout December

The new Ferris wheel in downtown West Palm Beach is going to give visitors a unique view of the waterfront and the world’s largest sand tree. (Photo courtesy: Hedda Jarhall)

Holiday activities are bringing family and friend groups together in downtown West Palm Beach.

For the eleventh year in a row, the world's largest sand tree, Sandi Tree, lights up Clematis Street.

The Christmas sand tree gathers the most people of all the activities. The Sandi Tree is located in Centennial Park across from the waterfront for everyone who wants to come and take a look at it.

“Sandi is the world's only 35-ft, 700-ton holiday sand tree, so she is definitely a ‘must-see’ for people who are visiting South Florida during the holidays,” said Mary Pinak, community events manager of the city of West Palm Beach.

Sandi has been featured in numerous publications for its uniqueness. Last year, USA Today awarded Sandi with a spot on their 10Best list.

“Sandi was named the best holiday public light display by USA Today in 2021,” said Kristl Story, owner of West Palm Beach Food Tours.

The lighting of the tree on Dec. 1 is the start of the month-long celebration called “Holiday in Paradise.” Pinak said that it is a unique holiday event because it includes the world's largest sand tree and other activities for all ages.

“Our events are an opportunity for people of all ages to relax on our beautiful waterfront. It is a great venue to bring the community together,“ Pinak said.

Holiday in Paradise includes performances, movies, concerts and a Ferris wheel, which makes its first appearance this year.

The Ferris wheel is located by the Sandi Tree, and music and light shows are going to be held every night, along with dancing fountains.

The Ferris wheel will give the visitors a new view of the waterfront in downtown West Palm Beach, said Pinak. Along with the light and music shows, she said that it is going to be a memorable ride and a spectacular view from the sky.

This year, Pinak said that they are also bringing back a holiday-themed Screen on the Green, Santa’s Annual Pancake Breakfast and Sunday on the Waterfront, featuring the Aloha Islanders.

Pinak also said that almost all of the activities are free and that many of the events can be enjoyed by college students. She said that the Ferris wheel offers good visuals and a unique location to take holiday pictures and selfies, along with getting a new view of Sandi.

“College students should go to the Sandi Tree for sure. Get a scoop of ice cream at Sloan's, watch the light show and you will be feeling festive,” Story said.

To learn more about events in West Palm Beach during December, go to (

By Hedda Jarhall

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