We are The Beacon.

We are the staff and reporters for the news site of Palm Beach Atlantic University's School of Communication and Media. We cover news ranging from the Southern White House to new makeup products and everything in between. 


Get to Know Us


Faculty Advisor



Ava Khachadourian

Ava Khachadourian is a freshman originally from upstate New York. She is currently majoring in journalism. After being involved in journalism her senior year of highschool it inspired her to report. Her end goal is to be an investigative journalist, with a published book.


Javier Sarache Jr.

Javier Sarache Jr. is a junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University currently majoring in journalism and minoring in cinema arts. He aspires to be an actor and a creative storyteller. The concept of reporting piqued his interest especially in subjects of sports and broadcasting. He was the head sports editor for his high school newspaper but hopes to work in the cinema industry in the future.


Mckay Campbell

McKay Campbell is a freshman journalism student from Nashville, TN. She is excited to start working with the Beacon to find what she’s really passionate about in the journalism field. She dreams of possibly working for National Geographic one day.


Daniella Parra

Daniella Parra is a sophomore communication major with a minor in journalism. Parra has a big heart for lending a voice to the voiceless. Writing has always been a major passion of hers and being a reporter for The Beacon Today has given Parra the opportunity to connect with people while growing her abilities and knowledge. Aside from writing, she loves creating news video packages and being in front of a camera. She also enjoys creating inspiring content. After college, she hopes to work as a news anchor and publish her own book.


Rebecca Keijzerwaard

Rebecca Keijzerwaard, originally from the Netherlands, is a senior at majoring in journalism. Her goal is to offer a platform and let people feel comfortable enough to share their stories. She has been involved in journalism since 2016 and is mostly interested in making video packages. Keijzerwaard will graduate in Spring 2021.



Morgan Therrien


Morgan Therrien is a senior studying Journalism at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Originally from the small town of Lanesborough, Mass., she has chosen to pursue photography and video editing in South Florida. She is an Alumn of The New England High School Journalism Collaborative in which she worked in tie with editors from The Boston Globe. Her goal is to one day be successful in the television broadcasting field. Currently, she is interning with The Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County, and she’s assisting in the production of the Chambers TV talk show “She Owns It!”


Elvanice Previlma

Social Media Director

Elvanice Previlma is a junior majoring in journalism with a passion for entrepreneurship. This is her second year on staff as the social media director, and she plans to move up into the website coordinator position. Previlma is also the founder of Fashion Blvd, and she wants to take her social media marketing skills and apply them to her business model.


Haley Hartner

Multi-Media / Managing Editor
Haley Blaze Hartner is a Junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University majoring in Journalism on a Pre International Law track. As The Beacon's political correspondent, Haley reports on political current events and conducts analysis on public policy and affairs. With a passion for fighting for the voiceless, Haley is determined to serve as a vigilant watchdog for every community.


Maria Luisa Teixeira


Maria Teixeira, originally from Brazil, is a junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University and is majoring in journalism. She has found her passion for sharing people's stories whether it's their business or their life journey. She hopes to use that in the future. Teixeira is now running Social media for Irene Lummertz Jewelry and Creators Game.


Heather Chiles

Radio Producer
Heather Chiles is a senior from Maryland, and she’s majoring in journalism. Chiles has been a reporter for The Beacon Today since her freshman year. She specializes in articles, feature videos and podcasts. She was an international correspondent in Florence, Italy covering travel and coronavirus stories when the city became one of the first pandemic hotspots. Currently, Chiles is a remote podcast producer intern at Bright Sighted Media, based in Los Angeles.