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We are The Beacon.

We are the staff and reporters for the news site of Palm Beach Atlantic University's School of Communication and Media. In addition to reporting on college-related news, we focus on localizing current issues, bringing attention to community events and highlighting stories from people who need to be heard. 



Haley Hartner Beacon Photo.png

Haley Hartner


Haley Blaze Hartner is a senior majoring in journalism on a pre-international law track. As The Beacon's political correspondent, Hartner reports on political current events and conducts analysis on public policy and affairs. With a passion for fighting for the voiceless, Hartner is determined to serve as a vigilant watchdog for every community.

McKay Campbell Beacon Photo.png

McKay Campbell

Managing Editor

McKay Campbell moved from Nashville, Tennessee in August 2020 to pursue a journalism degree. Now a junior, she enjoys writing people-focused pieces from around the West Palm Beach area and beyond. Campbell loves to travel and hopes to one day live abroad as a freelance journalist. While traveling, she enjoys documenting trips through portrait photography to capture different people from all over the world. Apart from journalism, she hopes to one day be on CBS’ Survivor. 

Jasmine Lien Beacon Photo.png

Jasmine Lien

Multimedia Editor

Jasmine Lien is a senior majoring in journalism. She assists with copyediting, and manages the website. Although Lien originally chose to study journalism because of her passion for writing, Lien currently enjoys interacting with different people and listening to their stories. She appreciates how reporting gives her the opportunity to learn about different cultures and perspectives from within the community. 


Daniella Parra Beacon Photo.png

Daniella Parra

Social Media Director

Daniella Parra is a senior majoring in communications with a minor in journalism. Writing has always been a big passion of hers. Being a reporter for The Beacon Today has given Parra the opportunity to make connections with people and continue to develop a strong transmission suite that aligns with her outgoing personality. She has won awards in the areas of speech and video feature pieces. Parra focuses on local engagement and networking, as well as building trusted relationships with the community. She hopes to become a published author and grow as a news anchor.


Madison Bakatsias

Madison Bakatsias is a sophomore studying journalism. Originally from Sterling, Virginia, Bakatsias found her passion for journalism while working as the Editor-in-Chief of her high school's yearbook team. She hopes to one day have her own platform where she can travel to meet people and tell their stories.


Kileigh Gagnon

Kileigh Gagnon is a sophomore majoring in journalism from Connecticut. She has a passion for writing and getting involved within the community. She found her calling for reporting after taking International Relations in high school and being a part of multiple Human Rights conferences. She hopes to one day be a sports journalist and conduct interviews for professional sports teams and be a NBA reporter.


Sarah Gale

Sarah Gale is a freshman journalism major and pre-law minor from East Texas. While interning for her town’s newspaper, the Jefferson Jimplecute, she discovered a love for writing. She is passionate about fashion, art, and food stories and editorials. Gale aims to use her future degree to help talented minorities gain exposure in the press.


Osvaldo Godoy

Osvaldo Godoy, originally from Argentina, is a junior majoring in journalism, with a minor in sports broadcasting. His goal is to one day cover a soccer World Cup, the Olympic Games, and/or a tennis Grand Slam. He hosted a ten-episode podcast on Spotify titled “Jóvenes Promesas,” in which he interviewed young promising athletes from Argentina. He also did an internship at, a website that covers Argentina’s soccer national team.

Hedda Beacon Portrait.JPG

Hedda Jarhall

Hedda Jarhall is a sophomore from Sweden. She is majoring in journalism and plays soccer at PBA. She is passionate about hearing people's stories and sharing them through print pieces. She aspires to work at the United Nations and travel to many places worldwide as a journalist.


Ashlyn Knaebel

From Daytona Beach, FL, Ashlyn Knaebel came to PBA with a major in education, but changed it to communications with a minor in journalism during her sophomore year. Knaebel has always enjoyed writing and cannot wait to use that love and passion for The Beacon Today. She also loves meeting new people, interacting with them and learning more from them than she would have ever learned on her own.

McKay Campbell Beacon Photo_edited.jpg

Alisa Koryagina

Alisa Koryagina is a junior majoring in journalism. She loves doing interviews and getting to know people while learning their stories. She dreams of working in the gaming journalism industry, such as IGN, where she can combine her passion for video gaming and writing.


Lauren Owens

Lauren Owens is originally from New Brunswick, Canada, but has lived in San Diego, California for the past seven years. She is a freshman majoring in journalism and minoring in television production. She was a producer, reporter, editor, writer and anchor for her high school's broadcast journalism class. She was also the vice-president of the Quill and Scroll journalism honors society at her high school. She hopes to advance in the career of broadcast journalism and potentially marketing or public relations.


Jordan Wolfe

Jordan Wolfe is a senior from Northern Virginia majoring in journalism. She enjoys writing print pieces, as well as photojournalism. Wolfe aspires to explore the world and report for a travel magazine, such as Lonely Planet or National Geographic.


Cooper Ray

Cooper Ray is a reporter for The Beacon Today.

Beacon Matthew Sargent.webp

Matthew Sargent

Matthew Sargent is a senior from West Palm Beach, Florida. A double major in sports broadcasting and journalism, he aspires to work as an anchor on a sports network or beat writer in the sports media sector.


Grace Sigler

Grace Sigler is a junior majoring in English and minoring in journalism. She is passionate about writing, editing, storytelling, and hearing the stories of those in her local community. Grace is excited to continue writing for The Beacon Today and hopes to uplift others through sharing their stories and giving them a platform to voice their points of view. She enjoys writing about human rights-related issues and likes to focus on topics that empower and enlighten others. This year she hopes to gain more experience in her fields of interest and explore the various job opportunities available within the writing and editing industry.


Matias Valenzuela

Matias Valenzuela Matic is a junior from Santiago, Chile. He is majoring in journalism and is part of PBA's soccer team. He is interested in sports and enjoys listening and sharing people stories. He aspires to be a professional soccer player or a sports journalist.


Veronica Vaughan

Veronica Vaughan is a sophomore from Denver, Colorado. She is a journalism major and intercultural studies minor. Veronica’s love for photography and writing lead her to want to pursue photojournalism. She hopes to do war photography and travel all over the world one day. Along with photojournalism, Veronica is also passionate about lifestyle videos and hopes to create content for YouTube channels such as Vox and VICE.

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