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  • Sofia Smith

Racing for hope, amidst the rising mental health crisis

The Race of Hope has something for everyone. Photo Courtesy: Sofia Smith

A non-profit organization is hosting a 5k race that dedicates its research and profits towards finding medical evidence to defeat depression. 

The Hope for Depression Research Foundation works towards brain disorder, specifically raising awareness of depression as a serious chronic illness affecting a large portion of America today.

This organization hosts multiple events, specifically charitable 5k races, where anyone can participate for themselves or other people who are struggling. The next race is taking place Feb.17 in West Palm Beach.

Auddrey Gruss the founder and chairman of HDRF recognizes depression affects over 18 million people of every gender, age, race, and religion. The foundation works to raise awareness stressing the seriousness of depression and work towards possible cures.

Gruss shared some insight behind mental health and how it affects peoples lives.

Every 14 minutes someone passes away from depression...Although life is meant to be lived to the fullest, lives are cut short due to poor mental health.

Mental illnesses are capable of affecting anyone. Many people struggle silently rather than going to a doctor or authoritative figure. Depression causes people to lose sleep, lack of energy or motivation towards living. 

Morgan Lovelace, a student at Palm Beach State says that she struggled with depression over the pandemic in 2019 because she felt isolated with her only source of information being the internet. Lovelace had a hard time living her life normally, with even simple tasks like sleeping or going outside becoming hard to accomplish.

“I think an organization like The Hope for Depression Research Foundation is incredible regarding the amount of people who suffer silently,” said Lovelace.

Victims desperate for change regularly come out to show their support at the race and the organization's other events.

By Sofia Smith

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