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  • Hedda Jarhall

Waterfront concerts close out week on positive note

Sunday on the Waterfront; Photo courtesy of Hedda Jarhall

“Sunday on the Waterfront” is a series of concerts held once a month on the West Palm Beach waterfront. These concerts attract people of all ages to come together for the end of the weekend.

During November, the theme was 80s pop covers, performed by Switch It Back to the 80s. Their vision was to bring the 80s back to life with their performance.

“We know you all love the 80s songs, so we are going to sing a lot of them, both some songs we think you all know and some songs you might now know as well,” said the lead singer at the beginning of the concert.

The concert was held at the Meyer Amphitheater at Sunfest Park. Several tents with food, drinks and activities were set up in front of the stage, and audience members brought their own lawn chairs for the grass.

Richard Smith was one of the many people from the community to join the concert. He came with his wife since they both said they enjoy this genre of music.

“When we found out they were doing a concert with 80s music, we could not resist going. I would say it is the best decade of music,” Smith said.

Smith said his favorite part of the concert was the atmosphere. He enjoyed the good weather and said everyone seemed to be in a good mood while dancing to the music.

“It is fun to see many different age groups gathering together for an event like this. I think it fits both children and adults,” said Smith.

Pedro Lobos and his daughter were visiting downtown West Palm Beach when they heard music and decided to go find where it was coming from.

“When we got here we saw there were a lot of people. We also found a stand that was giving out beach balls to children for free,” Lobos said.

Lobos liked that there was lots of space for children to play, and said that he and his daughter enjoyed spending time outside.

People also brought their own footballs and soccer balls to the lawn in front of the stage. The area provided spaces to sit, relax and enjoy the music apart from the sports.

Lobos voiced that more food options would have made more people come since it would have been nice to enjoy food with family and friends while listening to music.

Both Smith and Lobos said they will come back to Sunday on the Waterfront because they think it ends the week in a fun way.

“I will definitely check out what other concerts are coming up and hopefully come here again,” Lobos said.


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By Hedda Jarhall

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