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  • Sofia Smith

Walking to end Alzheimer's in West Palm Beach

Volunteers participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer's in West Palm Beach

The Walk to End Alzheimer's stands as one of the world's largest events dedicated to raising awareness and funding for Alzheimer's disease, thanks to support and ongoing research efforts.

The organization hosts fundraising events where participants walk or run in honor of individuals affected by or lost to Alzheimer's. The organization’s goals and impacts have spread awareness about Alzheimer's across 600 communities nationwide. This year’s event took place on Saturday, October 28.

“The goal for this event was not only to raise donations and awareness but also to connect people with others who are pushing for change through similar and different experiences,” said David Lopez, the manager of the Walk For Alzheimer's.

The organization creates and organizes events in West Palm Beach, drawing participants from various countries and even from those abroad. Through research and support, it offers numerous avenues for involvement.

Mike Montgomery, a dedicated participant, walked to honor his wife, who recently passed away from Alzheimer's.

“I was married to my wife for sixty years until she recently passed away from Alzheimer's,” Mike said. “I chose to walk here at West Palm Beach to donate and spread awareness with my friends and family.”

While this organization hosts events worldwide to spread awareness and raise donations towards research for Alzheimer's, it also brings people together within local communities and fostering connections and providing insight into the challenges faced by those affected. I had the chance to interview a volunteer who provided their insight and experiences at the event.

“Being able to volunteer and participate at this kind of event motivated me to talk to people who are affected by these movements,” said Natalie Childers. “The way that this many people get together to support each other is really inspiring and should be talked about more.”

This ceremony featured various enjoyable activities such as live music, dance choreography, a food and water station and much more. Promotion for the event was widespread on the company's website and social media, where anyone could take part by walking, honoring guests or assisting with the setup of stands and decorations.

“I really enjoy getting to organize these events where people fight to end this disease," said Lopez. “Coming together with other organizers and sponsors pushes our motivations through bigger goals.”

The remarkable accomplishments and numerous events organized by this organization over the years underscore its enduring commitment to the fight against Alzheimer's and demonstrate the effectiveness of events dedicated to raising awareness and funding for Alzheimer's research.

By Sofia Smith

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