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  • Sarah Gale

Students weigh mission trip expenses with higher purpose

Emmie Turner spent her spring break doing mission work while staying in a boat on the Amazon River in Brazil. (Photo courtesy: Isaac Fowler)

Two freshmen at Palm Beach Atlantic University contemplate their spring mission trip experiences as they prepare for additional trips this summer, reflecting on the significance of short-term service.

Emmie Turner spent almost three months preparing for her week-long mission trip to Brazil, which was organized by PBA's CMGlobal and Campus Ministries. The purpose of the trip, which costs $2,225, is to provide medical and dental care to communities along the Amazon River. Turner believes the cost is worth it since one action or word can significantly impact an individual.

Lieanna Dalton will be serving on a two-week mission trip to Guyana, a country in South America, to minister to victims of human trafficking.

Dalton believes that the $2,500 price tag and the preparation for the mission trip are irrelevant compared to her divine purpose of sharing the gospel. She has been fundraising for the trip on social media and is happy that the money will be spent helping others spiritually and physically.

"I think that no cost or preparation is too great for this beautiful cause," Dalton said.

In addition to finances, both students described devoting time out of their schedule for the trips. Dalton met with her team to discuss how to operate in a different cultural context, attended a mandatory missions training weekend and believes no amount of preparation is too great for the cause. Turner anticipates her trip and understands why young people might be hesitant to go on such a trip due to finances or the discomfort of being away from home.

“A lot of kids my age want to stay in their bubble and not help those who have less than them," Turner said.

Dalton said the main reason more students do not participate in mission trips is because they are unaware of the need to spread the gospel internationally. She believes this is due to ignorance of God's command to spread the gospel through missions by participation, praying or giving to the cause.

Turner participated in mission trips during spring break when she was younger. For Turner, the idea of not using that time to help expand God's kingdom feels weird. Turner said mission trips are an excellent way to use that free period from school to benefit others.

Meanwhile, Dalton is excited about taking a prominent and independent role in mission work for the first time.

Turner learned about the trip through a friend, while Dalton has been closely monitoring CMGlobal's social media after hearing about their mission opportunities. Dalton attended their Mission Night event, where she heard about the trip to Guyana.

Both students are excited about the opportunities to serve and share the gospel on their upcoming trips.

By Sarah Gale

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