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Short-term ministry, lifelong impact

For some, the genuine desire to make a difference in the world can take an individual only so far.

For Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) students, however, the ability to touch someone’s heart and soul is only a prayer and plane flight away.

Identified as “CMGlobal,” the school’s campus ministries department, is dedicated to preparing students from all career fields to engage in the serve-abroad opportunities made available to them each year. . by the school and its partners.

Committed to partnering with a variety of ministry organizations, PBA hopes the students who commit to these trips will recognize the value of international relationships and learn how to integrate these experiences into their everyday lives.

With the exception of a few month-long trips that take place during the summer, most of the serve-abroad opportunities occur during the most popular time of the year: Spring Break.

Aware that this designated “vacation time” is necessary for most students to recover from the intensity of classes and curriculum requirements, CMGlobal relays its need for volunteers by spreading program awareness throughout the school year.

Mark Kaprive, the director of CMGlobal, recognizes the character qualities students committed to serve-abroad trips must embrace in order to succeed during their time in the field.

Of them, flexibility, adaptability and teachability are prioritized by the department.

In addition to early recruitment, CMGlobal has a three-part goal in mind each time it sends its students on serve-abroad trips: to spread God’s Word, be the positive change the world so desperately world needs, and grow the faith of the students involved.

“No matter what form your mission trip takes, it will be an opportunity to share God’s love, strengthen your faith and broaden your perspective,” the department’s webpage said.

Ultimately, CMGlobal believes that intentional service to those in need is one of the greatest ways to live out the Great Commission, something all of Christ’s believers are called to embrace.

By Brenna Brown

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