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  • Jake Swad

Sailfish Men's Golf: On par for success

Photo courtesy of Cole Helman

How about those Sailfish? With their recent victory in the Jay Jennison tournament, the Palm Beach Atlantic Men’s Golf team continues to demonstrate their dominance. However, hitting a ball far is just one aspect of the game.

After Andrew Riley’s breakout championship season last year, Coach Craig Watson has good reason to believe that the best is yet to come for his team of talented golfers. He holds them in high regard not only for their skills on the course but for the content of their character.

As an example of the team’s aforementioned exceptional integrity, Coach Watson described the pride he felt when observing the genuine celebration displayed by the men who did not attend the Jay Jennison when they welcomed back their teammates who did compete last week. It was a heartwarming scene that Coach Watson described, with a smile in his eyes, “a terrific thing.”

Coach Watson also shed light on the mental side of golf. He heavily attributed his team’s success to their adoption of a proper mindset going into each match.

“You go into every competition with a desire to win [but] you don’t win the National Championship week one,” Watson explained. “Your thoughts control your actions.”

Additionally, Coach Watson stressed the importance of mentally recovering from unfavorable shots during matches and noted that, unlike most other sports, the opponent in golf is “old man par.”

Sophomore player, Justus Verge, who competed in the Jay Jennison Invitational and the Nova Shark Invitational this past week, additionally emphasized the importance of keeping a level head while golfing by stating that “Golf is such a process-oriented sport”.

Verge expressed his pride towards his teammates, and extended his congratulations to teammate, Trey Tesiero, for winning his first individual match this weekend. Tesiero was also named the Sunshine State Conference Player of the Week.

Both Coach Watson and Verge emphasized the close relationship between golf and faith, noting how recognizing that relationship can not only boost a player’s performance on the course can also enhance his faith

“Golf, life and faith run in parallel lines…” Coach Watson stated.

“I focus on the spirituality of the team – we know who we’re playing for,” Verge shared.

He also mentioned the team’s recent participation in group devotionals, a bonding practice that he believes is a key factor in the team’s heightened state of play.

By Jake Swad

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