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  • Jordan Wolfe

Budget Travel: The How-To’s


Cheap travel, and even travel hacking, has become more popular in recent years. While so many people tend to think of travel as a more expensive hobby and something that requires spending savings, it is possible to do so without breaking the bank.

Guinness World Record holder Alvaro Rojas is an example. Rojas spent the last 10-15 years traveling around the world, and has become the first Spaniard to visit every single country. Rojas has done a multitude of trips in a profit format, making money while seeing every country.

He has also used his social media platform as a means to create a living for himself and his family of four.

“One of the biggest pieces of advice I have to travel for cheap, is to constantly scour the [inter]net for deals. Oftentimes, hotels are offering promotions and various sales in order to bring in the tourism,” Alvaro said.

There are multitudes of ways to “travel cheaply.” Besides looking at sites such as Expedia and other price comparing platforms, one of the biggest tips is to check online lists.

Companies such as The New York Times and National Geographic consistently post “Travel Where-To’s” every year. The employees of these sites will personally visit locations in an effort to craft an article that showcases the best places to travel.

There are certain countries that are very interested in the business of travelers, such as Lebanon. While visiting the country for the first time, Rojas collaborated with five separate hotels throughout his stay. He pitched his idea of showcasing their hotel, got a free stay and made it work for both parties.

“When I traveled to Southeast Asia with my wife Laura, I found that there were so many things I wanted to do, yet I was afraid to continue with them because I was afraid of blowing all my money,” Rojas said. “From the two constraints (time and money), time is the most precious. The little money I saved as a student is worthless now compared to the wasteful idle summer days I was home.”

When it comes to traveling around the world and visiting unknown foreign destinations, a great tip is to form connections. In the age of social media, relationships can be made with others in a matter of minutes.

Connections can also help travelers find cheaper places to stay, explore more inexpensive local restaurants and more importantly, establish life-long relationships with individuals from across the world.

“You can’t buy life. I truly believed in being frugal to have more time to live life according to our passions. You may love your work, and that’s great, but if you’re frugal, you’ll always have the freedom to choose your life’s purpose,” Rojas said.

By Jordan Wolfe

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