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  • Estella Collmer

Psychology students presented London expedition opportunity

Photo courtesy of Estella Collmer

Palm Beach Atlantic University presents several opportunities for students to broaden their horizons beyond West Palm Beach, including a newly introduced excursion to London. Leading the venture is Dr. McCulloch, guiding a group through the culturally rich cities of London and Oxford in early May.

Debuting in the upcoming semester, the program is open to psychology students and others keen on exploring London. The course, titled "Psychology of International Travel Experience," delves into the mental, emotional and behavioral aspects of travel — an intimate yet social journey.

The initiative aims to enlighten students who share a passion for both psychology and travel, potentially integrating these interests into a lifestyle.

Dr. McCulloch believes this class is essentially a second portion of the history of psychology class he teaches. He will continue to discuss Darwin, Freud and other psychologists, mainly teaching on London’s influence on their ideas.

The primary component of the course, the London trip, is scheduled from May 6 to May 13.

“I’m excited to see all of the history that London has to offer. I'm also excited to learn about different cultures, try new foods and make unforgettable memories,” said Macie.

London, with its profound historical significance in World Wars, political and administrative prominence, architectural marvels and cultural diversity, promises an enriching learning experience.

Mckenzie Giles, a senior at PBA, is an avid traveler drawn to diverse cultures. Encouraged by friends, she anticipates the upcoming trip with enthusiasm.

“I love getting to experience new cultures, foods and scenery. I feel it helps me to be a more well-rounded person,” said Giles.

PBA facilitates global connections for students beyond West Palm, offering classes that span Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Paris, France, Costa Rica, Australia and more.

Psychology students are gearing up to venture to Europe, expecting a harmonious blend of education and excitement as they delve into the origins of psychology.

By Estella Collmer

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