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Women on the Move November 2019 Edition

Women on the move is part of a series that amplifies women to talk about their success stories. Every month, an individual or group of women share an empowered voice for those who have places to go and goals to accomplish.

Our Woman on the Move for the November 2019 Edition is the founder and CEO of Lynn Aronberg Public Relations, Lynn Aronberg. As a Florida native, Aronberg graduated from a top-three nationally ranked public relations program at the University of Florida. Then she earned her Master’s of Business Administration (MBA), with honors, at Nova Southeastern University. 

During her time at NSU, she worked at a public relations firm. She also became a Miami Dolphins cheerleader, which she knew would provide her with a gateway of opportunities to build strong relationships that could potentially help jump-start her career.

“My dad was very entrepreneurial. He planted that seed in my head a long time ago,” Aronberg said. “I knew if I had enough experience working in public relations then I might as well give it a shot and go off on my own.”

Aronberg set a goal in the beginning of her career to run a business by the time she turned 30 years old. and with that came many challenges.

“I knew I was getting scared, and that’s when I knew I had to do it because fear is not a reason to not do it,” Aronberg said. “It’s absolutely unacceptable.” 

Today Lynn Aronberg Public Relations is a full-service public relations company that’s been in business for almost ten years. Having found success in her company, Aronberg still faces fears of uncertainty with running a business.

“You never know when building a business if it’s going to last or not,” Aronberg said. “It’s one thing being good at your trade but to also run a business is a challenge.”

Fighting past uncertainty, Aronberg finds confidence in her work as her business continues to flourish and grow. 

Not only does she continue to prosper professionally but personally as well. Aronberg won Woman of the Year for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for raising $104,000 to fight against blood cancers. In such a competitive environment, Aronberg set her eyes on winning. 

“I felt extra pressure that because of my business in public relations, it would be a huge reflection on me both personally and professionally,” Aronberg said. 

With every dollar comes a vote, and Aronberg took a big risk by putting all her fundraising dollars to host an event at Mar-a-Lago, hoping that in return she’d raise even more money. Once again, with dedication and hard work, Aronberg achieved her goal.

“It’s rewarding to be able to do something that truly is making a difference and to win, not to mention the publicity it brings to my business,” Aronberg said.

For Aronberg, being a Woman on the Move means actively participating in life, becoming well-rounded, achieving your goals and winning some and losing some but always continuing to grow. 

“A very important truth I live my life by is ‘run your own race,’” Aronberg said. “It’s what I’ve always done before I knew what I was doing, and it’s served me well.” 

Regarding success, Aronberg is proudest of the company that she’s worked tirelessly to build, but she still has many plans for her future.

By Heather Chiles, Jessica Fernandez

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