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Women for Trump 2020

The Women for Trump project held an event in Downtown West Palm Beach on Sept. 13, to remind women of the importance of reelecting President Donald Trump. At the event, many women expressed their concerns about the dangers of a victory for the Democratic Party.

Honored speakers and event leaders, such as Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff and Belinda Keiser, listed President Trump's legislation and executive actions that helped secure their Republican vote.

Some of the main concerns the women discussed included fighting off Democratic socialism or, as they refer to it, "communism," ensuring veteran and military protection in the Middle East and establishing "law and order" for the recent racial justice protests and immigration.

The Women for Trump attendees said President Trump is not only the right choice for women, but he is the right choice for the United States.

By Daniella Parra & Haley Hartner

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