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Trump supporter shares his pride from I-95

Irwin Bruner holding his Trump flag over I-95.

If you’ve driven over I-95 on Okeechobee Boulevard during the last few weeks, there’s a chance you’ve passed Irwin Bruner holding his President Trump flag either alone or with others.

Since early October, Bruner has been faithful to his spot on the overpass where he stands and waves at drivers below, expressing his commitment to the Trump administration.

“I think that [Trump] has done so many good things for this country, and the least I can be doing is this for him,” said Bruner.

Whether Bruner stands alone or with fellow Trump supporters, honks of solidarity are heard from I-95 and Okeechobee whenever he's raising his flag. Bruner, who resides in Wellington, comes to the bridge almost every day and wouldn’t think of missing Election Day.

As an immigrant from Panama, Bruner has several opinions on immigration that he's developed through his own experiences.

“We need to make sure that whoever comes to this country -- they have to do it in good faith. They have to assimilate to the American culture,” he said.

Bruner believes that people who don’t have a love for this country should leave and give those who do a chance to make America even better.

For instance, according to Miriam Valverde of the Poynter Institute, when Trump launched his presidential campaign on June 16, 2015, he promised to “build a wall” on the U.S. and Mexico border. Bruner mentioned building this wall was one way to improve the country’s immigration process.

He continued to express his love for the U.S. saying that he wishes to see America stay a world power and help other countries in need. He believes electing Trump as president for the next four years is the way to see these wishes come true.

Bruner acknowledged the importance of pushing Trump’s personality to the side and focusing more on what he’s done for the country. He says Trump’s policies will support his reelection this year.

“I tell people, he’s not going to sit down at your table and eat dinner with you,” Bruner said. “Forget about his personality, and allow him to make this country better for everybody.”

Bruner was confident that Trump would prove victorious on Election Day, and he was especially confident that Trump would win Florida by a “landslide.”

It’s the significance of this election and personal identity with Trump's policies that have driven Bruner's determination.

“I think that it’s very important because a lot of people use Twitter, and we need to start doing the old-fashioned way -- actually going out and supporting the president.”

By McKay Campbell

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