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  • Cooper Ray

Saving Florida's waterways

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaking to a crowd. (Photo courtesy: South Florida Water Management district)

Florida waterways are on track for revitalization after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Executive Order 23-06 on Jan. 10, 2023. The order creates additional funding for agencies to better regulate and monitor wastewater disposal into Florida basins.

This new legislation helps to ensure that bodies of water, such as Lake Okeechobee, the Indian River Lagoon and the Everglades will be closely monitored to keep pollutants out of the water, as well as out of the habitats and ecosystems which these waterways possess.

"We are encouraged by the governor's announcement today, recommitting to making Florida's environment a priority. This Executive Order strengthens the previous commitments made to improve Florida's waters and builds on the momentum of the past four years," said Mark Perry, the Executive Director and CEO of the Florida Oceanographic Society.

The order allocates a record-breaking $3.5 billion over four years to conservation efforts in Florida, such as the South Florida Water Management District. This is the largest amount of money put toward an environmental effort in state history.

According to the district’s statement, “The District is committed to working together with our partners to implement Executive Order 23-06 and continue this unprecedented progress for the people and the environment of South Florida.”

With the order, Florida is taking serious action toward water conservation in a way it has not yet attempted. Executive Order 23-06 could prove to be an essential step in the restoration of the state’s environment.

By Cooper Ray

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