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  • Eden Yacovetti

PBA rocks the night

Palm Beach Atlantic University Coffee House World Tour provided students with the opportunity to show off their skills, let loose and embrace the true spirit of Rock & Roll. The music took the audience on a journey by featuring rock through the ages, with some pieces even coming from the very beginning of the movement in the 1950s. 

The concert took place on the PBA campus at Gregory Green on Friday, Jan. 26. Music was not the only entertainment provided; there were temporary tattoos with rock-themed elements, snacks for the audience, and a rock painting station. 

“I think Coffee House brought more publicity to the musicians; they are getting experience performing in front of a live audience and exposure to the other musical talents that were here tonight,” said PBA student Natalie Childers.

The concert featured several student bands including Ges, Borrowed Kit and Spontaneous Moments. Borrowed Kit, featuring lead singer Landon Coggins, was met with the crowd's demands for encore after encore after they finished their set. 

“My favorite part of the night was the performance by Borrowed Kit; it was a crowd favorite,” Francis Pozo said. 

Not every student who performed was there to seek recognition for the future; some just wanted to sing and have fun. A nonjudgmental and forgiving environment prompted students to have a good time to relax. 

“There were even some students I recognized that I didn’t know had musical talent before tonight,” Pozo said.

Although the night was a hit overall, Pozo did have one critique shared by a few other students. 

“If I were allowed to advise for the next coffee house, it would be to provide more snacks and change the setup slightly.”

Although there were several different bands, the pool of musicians who got to play throughout the night was relatively small. 

 “I believe that the secret musicians in the crowd need to gain confidence to share their talents, because there were repeated musicians who were great, but kept playing in different band groups,” Childers said.

Eden Yacovetti

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