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Opinion: "Inside the Beltway" is America’s newest reality TV show

Prior to his election, President Trump coined the phrase “you’re fired” on his television show, The Apprentice. It is alarming to see this reality TV show now airs on Capitol Hill.

President Trump fired Mira Ricardel, deputy national security adviser, on Wednesday after only seven months in the position at the request of first lady, Melania Trump. During the first two years of President Trump’s term, 37 people have left or been removed from positions in the Cabinet and White House staff.  

Within the highest levels of the executive department, there is zero job security for Trump’s administration. According to the New York Times, in nearly each staff position, the administration has had at least two different people employed in the 18 months of Trump’s presidency.  

President Trump is used to hiring and firing at will in the corporate world. But when it comes to running a nation, this consistent inconsistency takes a strenuous toll on the United States government and the American people.  

With each new leader in the White House staff and the Cabinet, Trump causes the offices to reboot and reevaluate, leading to a less efficient operation. By moving members of the Cabinet and staff to other positions. In the executive branch, he robs well-functioning offices of their leaders. He is too unpredictable to lead a branch in need of strength and courage.  

Changes in leadership are inevitable, and there are certainly instances when replacing officials is necessary. However, the president had transformed Capitol Hill into this season’s newest hit series titled, “Who Gets the Boot Today?”  

Instead of firing officials against whom he or recently even the First Lady hold personal grudges, President Trump needs to focus on working together with the best qualified individuals to protect and serve the nation. This is one problem with the government that must be addressed and solved quickly to effectively guide America into the next half of the president’s term.

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