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Not all superheros wear capes: South Florida Fair features superhero theme

For some families, the South Florida Fair is just another attraction to make people spend money. For others, the fair is a tradition to indulge in delicious treats, ride on real animals and set their adrenaline to an all-time high on rides.

This year at the South Florida Fair, the treat for everyone was to witness superheroes out of their natural habitats. Kids of all ages got the chance to not only meet comic superheroes, but educational ones as well.

“This year superheroes from all different aspects are honored,”  Assistant Public Relations Director Angie Francalancia said. “The parade each day honors different superheroes like heroes of education and heroes behind the badge.”

Grace Rinfrow, in disguise as Wonder Woman, flew down the Super Slide with her face painted. Grace’s mother, Tina Rinfrow, said she has been bringing Grace to the South Florida Fair for the past five years. With a big smile on her face, Grace moved on to the next adventure.

The South Florida Fair Kids’ Mile was also a highlight of the fair this year. Children ran past rides, games and concession stands to get to the finish line.

The emphasis behind the mile run was fitness. Local schools in Palm Beach County competed to win a medal and cape at the end of the race. Of course, all the children are winners, and the main goal is to promote health and wellness, according to Francalancia.

“I did good in the race and I saw a lot of kids from school that I know.” Kids’ Mile runner Adrian Rosjo said.

In Yesteryear Village, fair goers were able to see historic buildings that has been incorporated into the fair as a permanent kind of history exhibit.

“This is definitely something for everyone, although you might think of it as family-oriented,” Francalancia said.  

The South Florida Fair is not just for children of all ages, but for adults of all ages as well.

By Tete Teal, Isabella Perez

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