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  • Kileigh Gagnon

College student makes a difference in her community with the help of Christ

Happy at the beach near Palm Beach Atlantic University.

One young woman at Palm Beach Atlantic University, known as Happy, visits homeless communities and helps with global outreaches to inspire others with her story and her love for Jesus Christ.

Happy has been traveling around the world to spread her positivity and her love for Christ through local ministry efforts. This includes going to Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, Florida, sharing Bible verses and handing out food. She has made an impact on both the homeless community, and other college students that have gone to Clematis Street with Happy.

After witnessing Happy’s visits to homeless communities in West Palm Beach, Lily Rodriguez, sophomore at PBA, said she was inspired by her work.

“It was amazing to see how she was spreading her love for Jesus to people who need every last bit of hope. Just her energy and her positivity was an impact showing how Christians spread love. It was really cool to witness her do something that nobody told her to do. She wanted to help from her heart,” Rodriguez stated.

Happy further explains how she wants to inspire others.

“If I just save one life or inspire someone, even just making their day, that makes me feel like I am spreading love.” Happy said.

Happy found her identity in religion after she moved to the U.S. from Hangzhou, China, when she was 14 years old. She said she wants to inspire others in her community and also around the world. She has traveled to the Middle East with friends for a cross-cultural class that conducted an overseas study. Her efforts include going to JH Outback, a three-day camp with volunteers and teenagers who want to learn more about Christ. She got involved with them through the PBA newsletter about the weekend event.

Happy grew up in a strict household and school system in Hangzhou, China, where science was pushed, and not Christianity. She faced religious discrimination from teachers and her peers in second grade. One time, when she brought a Bible to school, her teacher took it away and said to stop reading books like this, adding that it was harmful for her brain.

“People were mocking me for my faith because I was very open about it,” Happy said.

Facing this discrimination led her away from God, but when she came to the U.S., her life changed.

“All of a sudden, this nostalgic feeling came back to me when I was a child and had faith. Everything just started to make sense after that. When I was in China, I was searching for a miracle to come from God, and I constantly prayed about it. When I don't see a miracle, I decide to be a miracle myself,” Happy said.

Happy said she knew miracles were possible before she was even born. Her mother had thoughts of ending her life while pregnant with Happy, but stopped when Happy kicked in her mother’s womb.

“I believe God saved my life and my mom’s life at that moment,” Happy said.

Happy hopes to help others understand more about Jesus through her ministry and global outreaches.

By Kileigh Gagnon

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