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Women on the Move December 2019 Edition

Woman on the Move is a series that amplifies women to talk about their success stories. Every month, an individual or group of women share an empowered voice for those who have places to go and goals to accomplish.

Our Woman on the Move for the December 2019 Edition is Executive Director of Epic Beauty Ministry Kim Gomez. Epic Beauty Ministry is a small army of women with a mission to change the lives of other women in need with “small touches of radical kindness.”

Launched as a non-profit organization in 2010 by founder Melissa Pierce, it’s been reaching out to women in the adult entertainment industry in Palm Beach County for 10 years. Gomez first heard about Epic Beauty that same year.

 “Something inside of me made me want to know more about it,” Gomez said.

Taking a leadership role, Gomez now works closely with Pierce in planning events, leading the teams and brainstorming for Epic Beauty. Additionally, Gomez prepares the teams for their visits to the strip clubs where they bring gift baskets filled with books, journals and pink Bibles for the women. 

“I think we have a preconceived notion of what it might be like to be a stripper or how they are like,” Gomez said. “But in reality, they are just like us.”

Gomez still remembers the first time she ever went into a strip club as the night that impacted her life forever. That night, she met a young woman who reminded her of her daughter. 

“The impact she made on me that night has been a motivator for my 10 years of ministry,” Gomez said.  “She is somebody’s daughter and if I can do something about this, I want to.”

Gomez strongly believes in Corinthians 3:7, “One man plants, another man waters, and God provides the increase.” With that in mind, she hopes to plant seeds in the women she meets.

“It would be easy for any of us to end up in those circumstances. It’s not by choice,” Gomez said. “It’s a series of bad choices and difficult circumstances.”

With Epic Beauty’s slogan, “Jesus Loves Strippers,” Gomez explains you have to be bold when working in ministry.

“Jesus loves lawyers, Jesus loves students, Jesus loves mechanics,” Gomez said. “And Jesus loves strippers too.”

When women decide to leave the strip clubs, Epic Beauty is ready to help with the resources they need. 

“I think there is a culture-shift happening and that people are going to be more empathetic and compassionate,” Gomez said. “I am honored to be working with this ministry and with the movement that is happening right now.”

For Gomez, being a Woman on the Move is to rise up, be bold and to really follow your dreams. 

“I think we are all women on the move, but I want to be a woman who is moving in the right direction,” Gomez said.

By planting seeds every day, Gomez hopes to be a light for women who need help finding a second chance. 

By Heather Chiles and Jessica Fernandez

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