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  • Veronica Vaughan

PINK Jasmine releases their organic products first thing in the new year

Jasmine Vaughan, owner of Pink Jasmine. (Photo courtesy: Jimmy Vaughan)

Local small business, PINK Jasmine, sells quality CBD products that are curated to relieve pain, calm anxiety and alleviate mood swings. Although geared mainly for women, anyone can experience the benefits of their goods.

Jasmine Vaughan is one of the co-owners of the company shared with her father. She began working on the concept when she was 16-years-old during her summer break in Colorado.

“I just wanted to help women find natural solutions to everyday problems,” Vaughan said.

When designing the products, Vaughan had the intention of helping women who face monthly period pain find a natural relief from cramps and mood swings. Certain ingredients in the gummies and creams communicate with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which send anti-inflammatory signals to the brain.

In the future, Vaughan is planning on curating gummies to boost energy and aid in over-all sleep by incorporating various effective herbs.

According to the Congressional Research Service, the Farm Bill is an “omnibus, multiyear law that governs an array of agricultural and food programs.” This includes minimal regulation of CBD and Hemp. This bill allows for hemp to be cultivated broadly without restriction when crossing state lines, sales of product, and possession.

Vaughan explained how hemp was a big inspiration for the concept of all-natural and organic. Especially in 2018, when research on hemp came to a ‘boom’.

“Many people are concerned with the use of CBD because it is still relatively new and not well researched,” Vaughan expressed.

Vaughan is aware of the controversial opinions of hemp and CBD products. Her products are guaranteed THC free, non-psychoactive and safe for all ages. PINK Jasmine’s goods go through True Spectrum technology to ensure the product is THC free with high concentrations of CBD. Then, the products are further tested through a third-party lab, which detects any bacteria and metals. After years of testing and receiving positive reviews, it has been concluded that PINK Jasmine’s products have made positive impacts on their recurring customers.

PINK Jasmine's goods can be bought off the website, and can be shipped to anywhere in the U.S. PINK Jasmine’s goods range from $30 to $70, depending on the form and amount the consumer wants to purchase.

“New Year, new levels of joy and freedom,” Vaughan said.

By Veronica Vaughan

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