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  • Ashlyn Knaebel

PBA rallies around annual Sailfish Cup

Volleyball events of Sailfish Cup. (Photo courtesy: PBA)

Unlike many colleges, Palm Beach Atlantic University does not have football games or large social gatherings, and there are no sororities or fraternities. Instead, PBA has a unique tradition called Sailfish Cup.

Sailfish Cup is a campus-wide competition between six teams made of students from different residence halls. The competition lasts from the beginning of the fall semester to the first few weeks of the spring semester, and includes 35 events, such as a dance-off, dodgeball championship, tug-o-war and an Uno competition.

“It is a really good place for students to put all their passion!” Briena Sohns, a sophomore and resident assistant in Baxter Hall, stated.

Sailfish Cup provides an opportunity for everyone to come out and show their school spirit in a unique way. The tournament also brings everyone together despite being on opposing teams.

“It was very eventful! Organizing and rallying everybody to be excited about the biggest sporting event of PBA with all the students was really exciting and ended up being a really great tournament!” Kristof Gal, a resident assistant for P.O.W.R., said.

Basketball event of Sailfish Cup. (Photo courtesy: Janelle Van Acker)

Sailfish Cup has been part of PBA’s tradition for years and continues to be a highlight for students on campus, giving them an opportunity to show their school spirit and pride for their residence hall.

“The competition honestly brings us all together,” said Alexia Amick, a junior and resident assistant in Johnson.

Students spend hours together, even with people they have never met, all united in their desire to win. The competition is not all just about winning, though.

“I felt sick to my stomach,” Sohns said. “We had put so much work and effort into this.”

People who attend Sailfish Cup events often stay to watch every competition and cheer on all participants, even if they are competing against their own team. There is even collaboration between residence halls, where they help each other with tasks such as dance practices and prop-painting.

“If you were there to support, you were there to support everyone,” Sohns explains.

Baxter women and Watson men took home the trophy this year. Despite the competition, Sailfish Cup builds a community unlike any other event and demonstrates the unique spirit of PBA.

By Ashlyn Knaebel

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