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Opinion: Kavanaugh fight not worth the division

The United States Senate recently confirmed President Donald Trump's nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court with a 50 to 48 vote. Controversy surrounded his nomination, first due to his political views, second due to his association with President Trump and third due to multiple sexual harassment allegations.

Despite a hearing and an FBI investigation of the allegations, Kavanaugh was never found guilty of any charges. However, is Brett Kavanaugh worth further dividing the country?  

I believe political parties are natural, like James Madison discussed in Federalist 10, but it is embarrassing to watch how divisive these factions have become. Looking at the Kavanaugh confirmation process alone, Democrats used his identification as a Republican as a weapon against him, while Republicans bashed the Democrats for this very tactic, seen within his various Senate hearings.

Once the sexual harassment accusations came forward, Kavanaugh’s moral character became the dividing argument amongst political groups.  

As a woman, it was quite unsettling that Kavanaugh maintained such approval from the Republican party; however, as a Republican, I agreed with some of the arguments made about his qualifications, such as his work under the Bush administration.  

Yet ultimately, as an American, I believe in what will unite and sustain our country. Guilty or innocent, Kavanaugh further split our nation by sparking arguments concerning his fundamental political ideology and the #MeToo movement.  

Republicans were stubborn school girls unwilling to consider any other nominee, while Democrats were contrarians ready to oppose the right-leaning Trump pick despite any proof of merit or qualification.

Parties are too confined to what will advance their agendas. Politicians care more about incumbency and approval ratings than pursuing policies that benefit and speak for the American people.  

This is evident in the midterm election season. Politicians run attack ads arguing why their opponents are not qualified instead of promoting their own policies and agendas.  In the Florida governor election, Republican supporters ran attack ads on Democrat candidate, Andrew Gillum, during Hurricane Michael. In states across the US, these ads are coming from both sides.

This country has continued to split over hot topics throughout the past decades; however, America desperately needs to come together and to unite under liberty and justice for all.  

Kavanaugh, however qualified, is not worth widening the ever-increasing chasm between Americans on the right and left. The job of politicians and party leaders should be to build a bridge for Americans to form one nation again.  

By Maddie Coggins

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