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Jump for Joi brings free yoga classes to Historic Northwest neighborhood

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

In many low-income communities across West Palm Beach, Florida, people cannot afford upscale gym memberships or costly exercise equipment. It’s a problem that’s plagued dozens of poverty-stricken neighborhoods for years.

“Well, the first immediate need was there was nothing here. Like zero,” Joi Cardwell said.

“There was no place to do anything that is athletic, physical or mental.”

Cardwell noticed the lack of support and funding for any program that focused on holistic health. In response to the evident problem, she created Jump for Joi, a non-profit organization that offers free yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes to the Historic Northwest District residents.

“Jump for Joi was started to help people in the community who often times probably feel like no one’s looking out for them,” Cardwell said.

Cardwell teaches holistic approaches to physical fitness to anyone from 4 year olds to 84 year olds. One of Cardwell’s most loyal attendees is Pam Stevens. She first joined Cardwell’s free sessions when the organization began three years ago.

“I always wanted to join a yoga class, but it was very costly,” Stevens said. “And to do this for free, I said, ‘I’m on board.’”

By Amber Amortegui

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