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Opinion: journalists failed the American people

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

As watchdogs, we have the responsibility to hold the government accountable and demand the truth for the American people. We are tasked with digging up the ugly truth no matter the personal consequences. In a sense, journalists are public servants.

With such a high calling, it is crucial journalists maintain professionalism and pride in their work. In each story, it is imperative to verify the facts, write and speak objectively and get complete answers for the public.

Unfortunately, in a nation obsessed with the idea of “fake news,” journalists walk on eggshells as they report. This concept has doubled the difficulty of reporting, because any mistake leads to more distrust from the public.

Journalists wrongly reported the events of the March for Life, resulting in death threats against teenage boys who hardly knew what was happening.

The only finger I am pointing is at my own fellow journalists. This is not to say every journalist is negligent. However, our job requires tenfold what was required in years prior. And in order to truly serve and sustain the American people, we must rise to the challenge and realize just how delicate the reThis past week consisted of many controversial events. Perhaps one of the most alarming was the March for Life. Catholic school boys, Native Americans and the Black Hebrew Israelites collided for a complicated story that the media failed to verify.

Exactly what happened, who antagonized who or even who is responsible is not the issue at hand. What is most disturbing is the media’s grave mistake.

When the media fails, functioning democracy is affected. Journalism and the free press is a backbone of American societlationship between news and the people truly is.

We must be more responsible, we must report the truth and we must hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Editorial by Maddie Coggins

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