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How handcrafted earrings and accessories redefine fashion

From its green foliage to its vibrant sunset hues, South Florida offers a great deal of beauty. For those who aren’t always able to experience warm weather and lively colors year-round, there’s still a way to get a touch of Florida, and it’s only an order away.

According to Refinery29, handcrafted polymer clay jewelry is making a sudden rise in popularity. It’s now a staple statement piece for trendy wardrobes. With many of these clay jewelry companies now based in South Florida, customers seeking unique jewelry have access to pieces inspired by Florida’s beaches and bohemian-chic style.

Theiko Collection, a clay jewelry company based in West Palm Beach, was created by two out-of-state college students. Even though one is from a small beach town and the other is from a lively city, the creators of Theiko Collection come together, merge their styles and create intricate pieces of jewelry that cater to Floridians and non-Floridians alike.

“I’ve seen a lot of people make [clay earrings] up north and hadn’t really seen them down here,” Theiko Collection Founder Abigail Short said. “I myself wanted some and wanted to make them for fun, so I just started making them and loved it.”

Even though designing these earrings brings happiness to the young owners, seeing people purchase and enjoy wearing their creations is the most rewarding feeling.

“Just walking around campus and seeing a girl wear them just makes me so happy,” cofounder Brynn Villa said. “I hope it brings confidence and a bit of style to people… I love that.”

Besides clay jewelry, more and more people are choosing to purchase handcrafted goods rather than shop at a traditional retail store. According to Mental Floss, a media company targeted toward millennials, it’s better to purchase handmade items rather than shop in-store because it’s eco-friendly, offers more jobs and supports a tradition of skilled work.

Something as small as a pair of earrings is a telling sign of the direction millennials and young adults are moving toward with their fashion choices.

By Rachida Harper

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