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From Lake Worth to Lake Worth Beach: Name change aims for tourists opportunities

Recognition, tourism and development opportunities are next for the rechristened city of Lake Worth Beach. Its city commissioners are more than happy to explain their planned future for the Palm Beach County community.

Scott Maxwell, the city commissioner who came up with the idea of a name change several years ago for Lake Worth, clarified one expected improvement.

“In this modern age of technology,with the internet being as it is and folks feeling the need to research virtually anything, we felt the city was getting a bad reputation for things that were happening outside of our city limits,” Maxwell said. “ If you know anything about the geography of Palm Beach County, most of the central core of Palm Beach County, from the ocean to 441, has a Lake Worth post office address.”

What happens in Lake Worth and what happens in surrounding unincorporated Palm Beach County is often placed together, much to the community’s disdain.

“It’s very confusing sometimes, particularly for the news media, to differentiate between things that happen in unincorporated Palm Beach County and what actually happens in the City of Lake Worth,” Maxwell said.

Andy Amoroso, vice mayor of Lake Worth Beach, extrapolated on Commissioner Maxwell’s statement and the ideal future for the city.

“For years we’ve gone to the press and asked them to please separate Lake Worth and unincorporated Lake Worth in Palm Beach County because the crime stats run into unincorporated Lake Worth and effects our seven square miles,” Amoroso said.  “ We also have a beautiful beach destination, so if you’re sitting in Europe and come to South Florida and you want a beach destination, we don’t necessarily come up. This will give us a great chance to rebrand the city and make it anew.”

Vice Mayor Amoroso “absolutely” sees the name change as a boon to tourism and development programs.

“It’s all about bringing people to the fabulous city of Lake Worth Beach,” Amoroso said.  

Commissioner Maxwell echoed the sentiment.

“We are simply stepping up to the plate and taking our rightful place as a beachfront community.”

As for citizens at the meeting, some were ambivalent about the name change, like Lynn Shiner.

He sees it as “fine, if it creates tourism opportunities, increased land values.” Shiner is not sure if it will directly benefit the town’s community either way.

By Benjamin Wainer

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