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“Flat Earth” mockumentary goes viral

Controversial Youtube star Logan Paul released a mockumentary entitled “FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back” on March 20 that left the internet community entertained but also confused.

This 50-minute Maverick Media video was something Logan Paul talked about doing earlier in the year. When it finally debuted, the program made waves with more than 3.4 million views on Youtube.

Paul is trying to climb his way back up to the top since garnering criticism for posting a graphic video of a dead body in the “suicide forest” in Japan in early 2018. He is trying to make his comeback the same way he became successful in the first place: comedy.

Many Twitter users reached out to Paul after they watched the mockumentary. Some praised the content while others seemed to appreciate Paul’s sense of humor in the video.

Ozzy Man Reviews, a channel and social media presence dedicated to satirical commentary, tweeted, “@LoganPaul you better not start saying Australia doesn’t exist m8 [mate] with all this flat earth nonsense go’in on.”

“?? it doesn’t,” Paul jokingly tweeted in response.

Not only did the Youtube creative community enjoy it, a lot of Paul’s fans did as well.

“What I got from it is amazing trolling and great marketing,” Drew Florist, a fan of Paul’s, said. “He does what he does best.”

But flat earth societies, groups of people who believe that the Earth is flat, did not approve of Paul’s satire.

“He outright lied about was the fact he was going to be doing a documentary. That was a movie, with acting, full on acting, the entire thing was scripted, ” Robbie Davidson, the founder of the Flat Earth conference and one of the characters involved in the mockumentary, said in an interview.

Paul may not have won over everyone on the internet just yet, but he continues to pursue polarizing topics that attract attention and controversy.

By Alex Pimentel

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