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Direct sales companies creating part time jobs

During the year of 1998, the former General Counsel of the Federal Trade Commission, Debra Valentine had a speech to explain a growing problem in international business, pyramid schemes. That speech went on to make pyramid schemes illegal, because it is unsustainable when it starts to expand very rapidly.

The problem with the pyramid schemes is that they would focus on the people they would bring in rather than the products that they were selling and this is why companies like Norwex, has the same concept of pyramid schemes, but not the same outcome of it.

Pyramid schemes were focused on the amount of people that were brought in, instead of the products they were selling, which was why they became unstable and illegal.

Norwex, a direct sales cleaning product company, has a different approach to selling their products and treating their employees, with bonuses and major discounts, so employees can try out the products before hand, so they know they are not low-balling off the customer.

“With Norwex, they have a good reputation with their employees, and I got involved with Norwex because they have good products that are being sold,” a Norwex sales representative said. “As a seller, selling something that can be good for the customer, you feel good about presenting the products and catalogs because it’s a high quality product and the customer is not getting ripped off.”

These direct sales companies allows employees to make extra money on the side for whatever reason they need it for. This company, Norwex, as well as others have grown into an untapped market to reach workers that are available part-time and also give them good business skills, like one-on-one conversations and developing interpersonal traits.

By Alex Pimentel

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