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Clematis Street CVS approved by City Commission

The City Commission of West Palm Beach approved an amendment last month that will allow the sale of beer and other liquor in the Clematis Waterfront District.

Chapter 6 of the City Code had prohibited a CVS Pharmacy in the district, but due to an application from the Boos Development Group, it was unanimously voted to be changed. This will allow the pharmacy, which sells beer, wine and ale, to develop on the southwest corner of Dixie Highway and Clematis Street, replacing an Ultima Gym. After six months in deliberation, the City Commission made the final reading on Jan 28.

President of the Commission Paula J. Ryan is head of the 3rd District, where the CVS will eventually be built. It is not known at this time when the store will be open for business.

President Ryan clarified that other establishments along Clematis Street will not be affected by the change.

“They’re state laws with respect to whether these kinds of establishments can sell liquor directly, opened or unopened,” Ryan said. “The [CVS] decision is based upon a standard package sale.”

The amendment will not change the open container policy, however.

“That law is embedded beyond our city ordinance, and this is not an open container provision at CVS,” Ryan said. “They have agreed not to sell individual beers so that if someone went in and bought a beer then walked out and opened it, that is not something we can regulate.”

The City Commission approved the Chapter amendment after a recommendation from West Palm Beach’s downtown development authority. The decision also appeases residents who wanted a CVS in the area.

Ryan is content that the matter is settled at last.

“I think we need a CVS downtown,” Ryan said. “It changes the complexion of our historic Clematis Street and once that was approved, it seemed there was no reason not to allow it.”

By Benjamin Wainer

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